Introducing Dr William Bird MBE

Dr William Bird MBE is a frontline NHS doctor and a world-famous physical fitness expert. William is the CEO and founder of Intelligent Health, and inventor of community walking and activity game Beat the Street.

Favebook Live logoDr William Bird will be hosting regular Facebook Live sessions to answer your health and fitness-related questions.

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Who are the team behind Beat the Bug?

Beat the Bug is brought to you by the expert team at Intelligent Health, founded by Dr William Bird MBE, a frontline NHS doctor, global expert in physical fitness and advisor to the World Health Organisation and Public Health England.

Intelligent Health also produce Beat the Street, the global walking and activity game, GP training and education, and patient health testing solutions.

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Summer Programme

Beat the Bug Summer Programme

Beat the Bug is here to keep the kids busy this summer! Complete the tasks for each day of the holidays and colour in one of Beattie’s pawprints as you complete them.

We’ve put together a suggested calendar but you can complete them in any order, on any day.

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Summer Programme

Summer Programme

Beat the Bug is here to keep the kids busy this summer!

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