The new 1m plus rule, rounders, dexamethasone and more!

Dr William Bird William Bird

Forbury Gardens

The team at Intelligent Health would like to extend their sincere condolences to the families of the three friends who lost their lives in Forbury Gardens at the weekend. We are based in Reading and many of us live in the town centre so we know Forbury Gardens as a central meeting point and a happy place. Our thoughts are very much with everyone involved.

One metre plus

Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week announced a new ‘one metre plus’ social distancing rule to enable certain businesses to start to reopen in England.

One metre plus

This means people are advised to stay at least 1m apart, but to also think about other precautions such as wearing a mask and not facing each other.

However, scientists say that the difference between staying 2m and 1m apart has a massive impact on the risk of transmitting Covid – you could be up to 10 times more likely to catch virus droplets at 1m than 2m.

For now, Scotland has retained the 2m rule.

Our advice is to minimise the length of time you spend with someone, stick to the 2m rule if you can, wear a mask in public places. If 2m is impossible, then face just to the side of the person you’re talking to so their breath is not directly in line with you when talking. Remember to keep washing your hands and avoid touching your face.


There’s been some welcome news this week as the steroid drug Dexamethasone has been approved for use across the NHS to treat Covid patients. The drug has been shown to save the lives of hospitalised patients who require oxygen.


This is great news, however, this is not a new drug. Dexamethasone has been used since the 1950s to treat a range of conditions related to inflammation, such as asthma, severe allergies and breathing difficulties.

It works by dampening down the immune system when the body overreacts to Coronavirus causing damage to the lung.

Also, it’s important to note that, like bleach, it should not be used as a preventative measure to stop you getting Coronavirus!

Beat the Bug activity of the week - Rounders!

Gather your family and get active outdoors, with this transformed version of Rounders.

Rounders England have written a simple set of guidelines, with jumpers as posts and a triangle formation, to encourage families and small groups of people to play together safely.

Designed to get the nation out into the sun and enjoying some gentle exercise in a fun environment, it can be played with a minimum of two players with each person taking it in turn to be the batter, while others are bowler/fielder.

The game suggests a rotation format that encourages quick play and a chance for everyone to bat and bowl/field in a short timeframe. No sport specific equipment is necessary. Alternative suggestions are jumpers as posts, socks as balls, rolling pin as a bat.

Chair of Rounders England Katherine Knight said: “Rounders England have created a safe way to play and get active together during Covid-19. Called ‘Small Rounders’, two people can play from families and small groups within a household. See our video for simple instructions and follow the latest government guidance. It’s simple, fun and gets you moving!”

In Wales and Scotland, the new version of the game can be played safely by families for the moment, but not with other households.

#WeAreAllRounders #AllTogether